NFT Paradigm Will Shift

We should appreciate the gamers who brought us the chocolate-covered candy NFTs. Now its time for dinner. Now it’s time for businesses to use this NFT token technology for real.

Enter, ITEM.

Enter, Item Banc, Inc.

Enter, the Item Banc Engine.

Truly almost all blockchains are ready for the dinner course of Real World Asset (RWA) tokens. But what organization is hiring salespeople to call on businesses about this? What company is pushing business to tokenize their inventories?

There may be tokenization in the works for houses, properties, documents, and financial instruments. Some technologies are working on supply-chain tracking using tokenization.

The new paradigm shifts when businesses understand the need to be present in web3. It will. Soon. Item Banc, Inc is setting up to be there to service businesses who are ready to tokenize their inventories. This is an open profit center for other web3 tech-training companies as well.

Item Banc initially focuses on tokenizing business inventories that qualify as Basic Human Need (BHN) items. The reason for the focus is that the market data derived about the relative values of these items around the world is fodder to the Item Banc Engine. The Engine is built to create a baseline to compare the relative value of currencies around the world. From this baseline we can have a springboard into a new Value system, and a new Value paradigm.

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