Partners & Advisors

Annette Riggs

Trade and Barter Industry
Annette has served on the Board of Directors of IRTA (International Reciprocal Trade Association) for the past 8 years, as Secretary for 2 years and as President for two consecutive terms. She has over 30 years of experience in the Trade/Barter industry including retail, corporate and countertrade sectors. Annette brought in a barter and trade team to advise the Item Banc Project and Ruffin Trading Company, LLC in its early years and has contributed to various Complementary Currency systems around the world. Annette was inducted into the Barter Hall of Fame in 2017.

Nancy Shi

Finance & Strategic Alliance
Nancy has more than 20 years of experience in the international finance and trade industry. Nancy’s group was the first to bring America’s Wooden and Light Steel Villa concept to China. Nancy also helped Ministry of Construction in formulating the Acceptance Standards for China. Nancy has been assisting West African government and businesses to secure project financing and loans from China. Ms. Shi’s company, AEHI Power China, is an authorized agent for the exclusive Panda Bonds /Belt & Road Initiative Bonds platform in China.

Jose Castro Segarra

Business Development
Jose Castro Segarra has 25 years of management consulting advising companies in aligning technology and business objectives and 13 years of economic development with the Government of Puerto Rico in California and Puerto Rico. He holds an MBA degree in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix. As the Business Innovation Officer, he developed strategic plans for the development of the aerospace cluster in Puerto Rico. He implemented and communicated the strategy to team members and stakeholders in order to achieve goals. He lead the establishing and expansion of several aerospace and information technology companies like Honeywell Aerospace, United Technologies Aerospace Systems, Computer Science Corporation, Infotech Aerospace Systems, Lufthansa Technik, Microsoft and Ion Hewitt, to name just a few. On previous assignments (and as part of a two men team), he initiated the Technology and Innovation Center with funds from SBA/FAST and PRIDCO. Major achievement includes: (1) received the authorization to use "T" for Technology Excellence in the PR Small Business Development Center branding; (2) Got the approval of three first stage and one second state SBIR funding by assisting over 52 technology-based entrepreneurs and scientists in the preparation of their SBIR proposals including business strategy and network.

Chris Werner

Business Development
Mr. Werner's degrees in Accounting, Business Administration and Communications initiated his expertise in business management and capital formation strategies. He formed Emerging Securities Group and was a Senior and founding partner with Newport Capital Partners. Mr. Werner has extensive experience in Latin America where he has been active in the natural resource sector. While CEO of Ascendant Holdings he listed three companies on International exchanges including two initial public offerings for mineral exploration companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Mr. Werner founded Global Green Carbon which has land use, land use change and forestry projects concentrating in Latin America and was a partner with USAID in a $700 million global aide package as a Prime Contractor. He founded Gorgona Gold S.A.C. which assembled a portfolio of ten mineral exploration projects in Peru which was acquired by a public mining company in 2018. Mr. Werner has been successful in assisting both his company’s and his client’s company’s in securing new multi-million dollar growth capital providers through private placements, initial public offerings, long term strategic investments and debt securities.

Jitendra Rathod

Jitendra Rathod is a freelance content strategist and writer. He works on multiple blockchain and digital currency projects. He has a Masters degree in Microbiology and has previously worked as Assistant Professor in a college before turning into a professional content writer. He is a passionate proponent and follower of the blockchain technology and believes in its transformative capabilities to empower every individual on this planet.

Paul Walsh

From the heart of Ireland, Paul Walsh brings his warm and energetic personality to the team. Paul is the leader. of an extensive community focussed on volunteerism. He has a wide network of prominent luminaries in the crypto and sustainable industries which make him well suited to working on solutions for the growing issues in todays world. Paul is currently one of Irelands Thought Leaders in technology innovation and sustainability. He’s an adviser and founder on multiple blockchain projects. Paul has successfully navigated the crypto space and provides helpful education and knowledge of latest technologies.

Dr. Andrew S. Nevin

Chief Economist
Dr. Andrew S. Nevin is a leading global thinker with over 30 years of professional experience as a strategy consultant, economist, line manager, entrepreneur and private equity investor. In his professional career he has lived in Asia, North America, and Europe. Since early 2012, he has been based in Lagos, Nigeria in his role as Partner of PwC and Chief Economist of PwC and Binkabi to try to create a strong and vibrant economy in Africa which in 2018 has six of the world's ten fastest growing economies. He is a frequent TV commentator (CNBC) on global and African economic affairs. His personal economics writing ( focuses on shifting thinking from a GDP lens to a Flourishing lens. Dr. Andrew S. Nevin holds an undergraduate degree in computer science and has a PhD in Economics from Harvard University and studied philosophy at Oxford University where he was a Rhodes scholar.

Mark Thatcher

Legal and Capital Formation
Mark has participated as a business development, marketing, legal and capital formation advisor for various multi-national clients, funds and companies. He concentrates in the areas of strategic alliance, business combination, securities transactions/regulation, cross-border business development, licensing and is driving the N.A. commercial activity of the ITEM BANC platform. He holds MBA and Law degrees from The University of Denver.

Dominic Chuan Ling Ting

Greater China, Sourcing & Business Development
Dominic has helped some of the top manufacturers in consumer electronics, clothing, furniture, sunglasses, paper and packaging goods to export to North America. Dominic and his business partners have existing solid relationships with some of the largest sales channels in Mainland China. Mr. Ting currently work with Eduporium, the leading STEAM+ A. I. Education Provider in USA.

Tim Hewan

Financial Director Item Banc Rwanda
Tim graduated Marlborough College and then London University gaining a B.Sc. (Mining) degree. He was awarded The Ronnie Wilton Scholarship, and went to Cranfield School of Management, in the UK, where he obtained an M.B.A. degree In the Gold industry Tim earned his Managers Certificate from Western Areas Gold Mine. Tim transferred to Rustenburg Platinum Mines to assist in the implementation of the company’s underground mechanization policy and was one of the South Africa’s youngest Underground Managers.. Having specialized in Finance and Marketing, Tim was involved in international metals, minerals and commodities trading for a number of years. Tim was a Private Banker for ABSA Bank within their Wealth division. In 1999 he joined forces with one of his clients, Henri Thompson. and they have been involved in a number of businesses, now under the umbrella of The Somerset Group of companies. with Tim being responsible for the finance and company structures.. Tim is a certified Financial Planner and an FSB registered Tax Practitioner. and also runs his own Accounting, Payroll and Tax consultancy in Johannesburg.

Pablo Olea

Supply Chain Administration and Finance​
Pablo Olea served in the Chilean Navy for 10 years, where he graduated as a Navy Officer, with a Degree in Naval Supply Chain Administration and Finance. While stationed at the Naval Base in the Port of Iquique Mr. Olea was Chief of Supply whose duty was to ensure all of the requirements and dependencies of the Base and warships commissioned in the area. Mr. Olea was also responsible for the administration of the monetary resources assigned by the State of Chile and the Ministry of Defense, has a Government Certification in Public Resources Management, and correctly complied with many strict regulations. Mr. Olea furthered his education obtaining a Diploma in Business Management from the Gabriela Mistral University and an academic degree in Business Administration from the University of Valparaíso. After completing his studies Pablo retired from the Navy and founded an event management company and provides consultations to companies advising on financial, marketing and human resources issues. Since 2016 he works as the CFO of the “Las Salinas Country Club” and one of Chile's largest and most prestigious country clubs. Pablo also owns a Japanese restaurant in the City of Concon.