Rise to a Free, Open, Discoverable Market Place

Let us all rise to a free, open, and discoverable MARKETPLACE.

I have something to say that I don’t hear tech prophets saying about how this new marketplace can and will happen:

In the near future, when nearly all Information about What is available for sale at market, Where, and at What price is tokenized, AI agents will be at your service to deliver to the buyer whatever market information is needed based on this tokenized Information Currency.

All properly tokenized information about What is available Where at What price will be free, open and discoverable in a new type of MARKETPLACE that none of us have ever seen.

What is currently interrupting this development? In my opinion, there may be an expectation by the RWA “Everything will be tokenized” prophets. Some of the web3 tech prophets may hold an assumption that every inventory item that is tokenized will initially be traded as a token. But maybe the tokenized inventory has value simply from its information about what is available where at what price.

What one learns in barter is that the information IS the market. It is the simple information about What is available for barter, Where, at What price that makes a marketplace. This Information is the Currency.

I believe that a business that makes a token which represents a Real inventory item SKU that is available to market is leveraging a fantastic way to advertise!

Will we create a roadblock to advancing tokenization of real world inventories if an expectation is set that these tokens must initially be traded? What if society has not yet learned how to accept that trading the token means transferring the asset? Also, to be realistic, are there currently enough inventory control and sales order systems that can connect a token transaction to a physical asset? I think the sales order and inventory control systems will catch up, yes, but for now lets take a first step to create an open, free, and discoverable marketplace. By this I mean a marketplace that provides tokenized information about inventories and quantifiable services: What is available, Where, at What Price… just like an ad. These RWA tokens do not need to be traded, initially, to make a market.

Can AI agents just scrape the web2 internet for that? Yes maybe for some of that. But by tokenizing on web3 the seller can control the information about what they have available to market, where, and at what price. This is what I believe us web3 tech prophets should be selling… tokenizing real world assets and quantified services for a new marketplace where Information is the Currency.

I wrote a whole book about it. The Language of Value. More about ITEM at itembanc.io.

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Virginia B Robertson
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