There is a widespread mental block happening regarding a paradigm shift on the horizon. The sea change coming will flood your office, your home, your schools and your community shops.

The change may begin with inflated currencies that make prices out of reach. Some say at this point there will be a gold rush. Some say to farm your own food. But what really may happen is that people and business may learn to barter using web3 tech. When we have the information about What is available, Where, at What price then we can barter. The information alone is the currency. We’ll need this.

The mental block is that we need some kind of other thing in the middle of transactions like dollars or gold.

How am I able to be an author of this claim? I traded (practiced barter) for more than twenty years at every level of distribution even international. I’m not a farmer. I do know what it feels like to trade for absolutely everything (not counting energy or gov’t services.)

When business can tokenize (make NFTs) their inventories or quantified services with a protocol that specifies What the inventories are, Where they are and at What relative Price, then we can make Information Currency in web3.

So how are we all going to find this market of Information Currency? AI of course. Item Banc technology is specifically working toward this. Come visit our protocol page The bigger picture is in the book, The Language of Value, 2022.

Written by:

Virginia B Robertson.