Smart Contracts

The Item Banc model for securitization of cryptocurrency involves smart contracts that assign or stake an asset against the currency. Unlike loan platforms, the crypto is issued (created) by smart contract when the asset is staked and the crypto is burned when the asset is revoked.

The crypto can be exchanged for any goods or services or fiat or other crypto and the value of the crypto can fluctuate based on market. The incentive to contract an asset for the crypto is essentially to profit from the liquidity, a general rise in crypto value as additional assets are staked to the crypto and also to make additional markets for the asset. In a preferred model the staked assets are commodities and BHN (basic human need) hard goods of a minimum value ($10,000 and up, for instance). To the goal of transparency, the staked assets would be published by smart contracts on an accessible site and organized by asset category, location, and original contracted value. This information is managed by the Item Banc Technology.