Marketing Plan Outline

Marketing within the crypto space Pre-ICO

(Phase One)

  • Trade Shows (Consensus 2018 NY, NY 14 – 16 May 2018)
  • Publish Whitepaper to Medium, Github Tech/ICO news sites
  • Website focused on IB Technology and ICO
  • Twitter, Steemit, Telegram Accounts

Marketing to Rwandan producers (farmers, manufacturers, importers, distributors)

(Phase 2)

  • Website focused on Rwandan Producers and distributors Sales Team in Rwanda
  • Government Organization assistance

Marketing to Rwandan customers

  • Website for BHN and IB Coin Air Drops
  • Marketing to new nations for ICO

(Phase 3)
Begin new national Item Bancs after year one or when the currency is functional.

Multi-stage approach to marketing: