Development Plan

BHN Warehouse Pilot Team (Rwanda) :

BHN Rwanda Team is responsible to manage BHN distribution in the Country. The team will find an initial property and building suitable for warehousing BHN items. The team is responsible to purchase and stock and manage the sales of product for information currency on an ongoing basis.

The team is also responsible to manage IB contracts for new products and the storage and sales of these items as well. There is a 10% product allocation for BHN team in each IB contract on the blockchain.

Item Banc Coin (Rwanda) :

Code initial ICO structure into Ethereum and create coin.

First Token Sale September 2018

Item Banc Smart Contract Team and Beta Testing (Rwanda):

Item Banc Rwanda Nation Coin Team will focus development of smart contracts for production and inventories within the nation, airdrops for citizens and residents of Rwanda and BHN warehouses within the country. Rwanda Nation is the Beta site for Item Banc contracts on the blockchain and will participate with other national Item Bancs via the Item Banc Engine cross-average-cost system as they are implemented.

Item Banc Engine Team (TBD):

This team is responsible to code the product design for Item Banc based on Item Banc Engine Technology created by V Robertson.

The engine uses algorithms and methods published in the Information Currency book with proprietary program design for item naming systems tested in 2002.