About Item Banc

Item Banc is a technology tool designed to bring information currency to markets. A demand for information about value is at the core of every business proposition. Item Banc Technology focuses on delivering this information to the market and capitalizing on its delivery to consumers, industry, the financial sector, and governments.

It is a most advantageous time to introduce Item Banc because the world economy needs new technologies that can deliver efficiencies to market. World markets are seized up by a downturn in available credit and in addition the international trade economies are looking for a new currency valuation methodology that can deliver fair market value to all countries. Businesses need commodity-type market prices for products to operate profitably in a world economy. Consumers continue to demand pricing and value information in order to make better buying decisions.

Item Banc will deliver to the marketplace a pricing and product valuation engine. To the manufacturers, Item Banc will deliver commoditization of products and valuation technology. Financial markets will use Item Banc information to capitalize businesses, individuals and countries. Item Banc will provide valuation to currency technology to governments. The most significant contribution of the technology to market is that it will deliver the systems structure to operate the decentralized valuation information for communities that use the Item Bank Token and will deliver a new paradigm of information currency.